How To: Connect Funding Sources

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Contributions are the tax-deductible funds added to your personal giving account, which you can then donate to your desired charity. 

In order to actually contribute funds, you will need to add your funding source(s).  At Groundswell, we have many secure ways for you to add funds, or contribute, to your account.  The following are available funding sources:

  1. Bank account
  2. Debit or Credit Card via Apple/Google Pay 
  3. Direct Deposit via your Company Payroll (note: your company does not need to be a Groundswell customer to use this feature) 
  4. Stock

Need help setting up the different funding sources in Groundswell, check out the articles below: 

  1. How To: Contribute from a Bank Account (via Plaid)
  2. How To: Contribute using a Debit or Credit Card (Apple/Google Pay) 
  3. How To: Contribute from Payroll 
  4. How To: Contribute from Stock

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