How To: Add a Charity to Groundswell

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If you can’t find a specific charity on the app, get in touch with the Groundswell team. After a quick vetting process, we can get the charity added to our database. 

Many schools and houses of worship are eligible to receive donations, but because they are not required to report to the IRS in the same way the 501c3 nonprofits are, they are not included in the IRS dataset that we populate our platform with. 

Submit your request through Groundswell's web app

Step 1. Login to Groundswell  

Step 2. On the homepage of Groundswell scroll down until you see the "Take action" section 

Step 3. Click "Can't find the charity you're looking for?" 

Step 4. Complete the form 

Submit your request through the HepCenter

Submit a request to add a charity via our HelpCenter here.  If possible, please include the following information when you reach out:

  1. Charity name
  2. EIN (employer identification number)
  3. Website

Please note: If you are looking to add a new charity to your companies approved list (this doesn't apply to all companies), you will need to reach out to your company's Groundswell admin. Each company has a different internal review process to determine match eligible organizations 

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