How To: Contribute from payroll

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Step 1: Select “My Profile” on the bottom right of the app 

Step 2: Select “Funding Sources” in the menu options 

Step 3: Make sure you toggle to the “Direct Deposit” section - there you will see a unique account and routing number associated with your Groundswell account. 

Step 4: You will see your Groundswell account and routing numbers, and you will use this information to set up a split deposit in your payroll provider. You will need to add those account and routing numbers in accordance with your companies payroll procedures and make sure you set up a split deposit that will go to your Groundswell account (e.g. $50 per pay check goes to your Groundswell account). Some companies and payroll providers allow employees direct access to manage direct deposit accounts online while others require form submissions to a payroll administrator. 

Please note, it may take up to two pay periods for your payroll provider to process the split deposit. 

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