How To: Navigate the Dashboard

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Your company dashboard offers quick, valuable insights into your employees’ program utilization, favorite causes, and overall participation in Groundswell as a benefit. 

With the dashboard data, program administrators can strategize on how to increase adoption and furthermore, have key metrics to report back to their employees and executive leadership.

Dashboard breakdown

The dashboard is divided into six sections. Each section includes data related to different areas of your organization’s giving program.

If you have enabled additional fields in your portal, you can sort by your chosen additional fields to see specific data.  

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Available balance

Review the available balance for funding your organization’s giving programs, and add funds as needed.


Employee enrollment

Monitor your employee enrollment rate, and track how many employees still have pending invitations or need to be invited.


Charitable impact

Discover what your employees care most about with a list of your organization's top charities and causes. 


Program utilization

See how much of your company's match and gift programs have been claimed by your employees.


Employee donations

Review employee donations over time. Note that this section can be toggled to view employee donations by dollar amount or number of donations. 


Employee contributions

Review employee contributions over time. Note that this section can be toggled to view employee contributions by dollar amount or number of contributions. 



How is this data calculated?

To learn how specific values are calculated, you can hover over the info icon next to the label.



How to download data

Data reports

If you're interested in getting a more detailed look into your employees' giving data, there are 4 downloadable CSV reports available. Select the "download report" button above the relevant dashboard section to begin the download. 



Other data

Other, smaller slices of data can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon that appears when you hover over each section. 


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