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What is the difference between Groundswell Giving, Inc. and Groundswell Charitable Foundation?

Groundswell Giving, Inc. (“Groundswell”) provides the software to manage corporate giving programs as well as corporate and individual charitable contribution accounts (DAFs). Groundswell Charitable Foundation is a separate entity that holds the company and employees charitable contribution accounts (DAFs). The Groundswell Charitable Foundation is a 501c3 public charity.

Software licensing fees (invoiced by Groundswell annually) are paid to Groundswell Giving, Inc. whereas contributions to corporate DAFs (to fund employee giving programs) are sent directly to Groundswell Charitable Foundation. The contributions into the corporate DAF are tax-deductible.

How are we be billed for Groundswell’s platform?

Software licensing fees are billed annually upfront as outlined in the Order and MSA.

How does our Company fund our Company Groundswell account for programs?

There are three ways to fund your account

  1. ACH
  2. Wire
  3. Credit/Debit Card

You can find your specific funding instructions in your Groundswell Admin portal (Settings > Add Funds). Here is a Help Center Article that walks you through the steps: How To: Fund your corporate giving account

How do I get access to the Admin portal to fund our account?

Your Groundswell admin(s) can grant you access. If you don’t know who your company admin is, you can email

Can we get an invoice for account funding?

Yes, please email your Customer Success Manager or to request an invoice. Please provide any specific details you’d like included on the invoice.

What email should we send the remittance notices to?

For both invoice payment and account funding, you may use for remittance.

Will we be notified from you/your team once the balance drops below a certain threshold to replenish the account throughout the year?

We recently released this feature and you will now be notified when your balance drops below a certain threshold. You can set this threshold in the settings of your Groundswell admin account (Dashboard > Settings > Add Funds > Set Minimum Account Balance). Here is a help center article that walks you through how to set this up: How To: Set a Minimum Account Balance Threshold in Your Admin Portal

Are we able to set up an automatic ACH debit if/when the balance in our account drops below a certain amount?

We currently do not support an automatic ACH debit.

Will the entire amount funded be considered a charitable contribution in the current calendar year?

Yes, all contributions to your corporate account (Donor-Advised Fund) in 2024, for example, will be included in the 2024 tax receipt sent in early 2025 regardless of when the funds are distributed to your employee accounts or charity. Funds from contributions made in 2024 may be used in 2025, but the tax-deduction is realized in 2024.

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