How To: Set up Volunteer Matching

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Groundswell’s Volunteer Matching feature - also known as Dollars for Doers - rewards volunteer hours at a company’s established rate to add funds to an employee’s Groundswell account.

This recognizes that some employees may not have funds to contribute, but have time – and rewards them in the same way. It's an inclusive approach that invites everyone to participate, even those who may not be able to donate large sums but are eager to commit their time and energy.

Because of the integration with Groundswell’s giving platform, companies can run a volunteer match program with a separate or combined match budget, and the program can be customized with a range of approval requirements.

Follow the below steps to set-up volunteer matching in your Groundswell account: 

Step 1:  Make sure you’ve turned on Volunteer Hours Tracking in your admin settings. If you haven't done that yet, check out this article to help get you started. 

Step 2: From the left side menu of your admin dashboard navigate to "Matches" 

Step 3: Click on Create New Program button in upper right

Step 4: Select “Customize program” under “Volunteer matching”

Step 5: Complete steps 1 through 4 to create your volunteer match

Step 6: Select "Create your volunteer match program" and you are ready to go! 

Note: We recommend sending out a communication to employees to alert them to the Volunteer Match program, including the hourly rate, any limits, and how to submit volunteer hours to receive the company match. 

Video Instructions Below: 

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