How To: Add or Update My Employees/Employee List

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This guide will show you how to add or update your employees to Groundswell so they can access to your corporate giving programs.


Uploading an initial batch of employees via CSV

To upload your employees you will need a CSV file with these 5 required fields completed:

  1. Employee ID (note: your employees won't see this ID so it can be anything you want it to be) 
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Email Address
  5. Status of Employee (Active) 


In addition to our required fields, you can also utilize our optional additional fields to enhance the reporting features on your Admin Dashboard:

  • Business Unit
  • Department
  • Job Tier 
  • Location
  • Custom Field 1 
  • Custom Field 2 

If you would like to utilize additional fields you will need to turn them on in your admin settings (Settings > Employee Fields > toggle on > Select the additional fields you want to use > Save). 

Some additional things to keep in mind for the CSV Upload: 

  • If you decide to include additional fields you will need to keep the header on your CSV upload for the data to be included. 
  • Note that you'll need to 'Save As' UTF-8 CSV. If you are using Google Sheets just go to 'File/Download/CSV and it will automatically be encoded at UTF-8 Standards.
  • We recommend not using Numbers on Mac for this process. Exporting as a CSV from Numbers does not remove unsupported characters. 

Once the CSV is prepared, go to Employees > Start employee upload. Follow the prompts to complete your upload. 


Adding new employees or updating existing employees via CSV

If you already completed your initial upload of employees, you can add new employees or update existing ones with a single CSV upload. Simply create a CSV with the same 5 fields. Include any new employees you'd like to add, as well as any existing employees with the info you'd like to update. 

Go to Employees > Update employees > Upload employee list. Follow the prompts to upload your CSV.


Adding new employees manually

Navigate to Employees > Update employees > Add single employee. Complete the fields to add a new employee. 



Updating employees manually

Select a single employee in the employee table. Update any fields you'd like to change, then click "Save changes."


HRIS Integration

To upload your employees via our HRIS Integration go to Settings > HRIS Feed, and follow the prompts.


Video Instructions Below: 

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