Article: What is a contribution?

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Contributions are tax-deductible funds added to your Groundswell account, which can then be used to donate to charities (Groundswell accounts are digital wallets for charitable giving, powered by a Donor-Advised Fund; you can put money in, and then send it out to charity when you want).

In order to contribute funds, users need to add a funding source. Groundswell provides several ways for users to add funds, or contribute, to their accounts. These include: 1) bank account; 2) debit or credit card via Apple/Google Pay; 3) Direct Deposit via company payroll.

Once you've contributed funds to your account, and your company has a match program with Groundswell, your contributions are match eligible. For example, if your company has a $500 match program, every $1 that you contribute into your Groundswell account from your own funds (ACH, payroll, etc), your company will match it 1:1 up to $500. Reminder, with Groundswell the match happens on contribution not donation. 

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