Article: Can I still use Groundswell if I’m not in a company giving program? 

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Yes! You use your Groundswell giving account whether you’re enrolled in a workplace giving program or not. If you received funds in Groundswell from your past employer via gift or match at any point, these funds will remain in your Groundswell account until you donate them (even if you’re no longer an employee at that company). 


What happens to my Groundswell account when I leave a job?

Your Groundswell account is yours to keep. However, you may have registered your account with a company email. To ensure that you can retain access to your account, the first time you log into Groundswell after being removed from your company program, the app will prompt you to confirm your primary email address. This gives you a chance to change your email to a personal one.


All functionality of the app will remain the same, but you simply won’t see your old company’s giving program information. You are free to contribute funds and donate as much as you like! At the end of the year, you will still receive a tax receipt summarizing your annual contributions.

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