How To: Use the Lottery Tool to Engage your Employees!

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Admins can use the lottery tool to create surprise gifts during company meetings. It's is a great way to generate buzz around Groundswell and foster a culture of giving at your company. It can even be used to prompt more employees to participate in your giving programs! This tool is great to pull out during all-hands meetings or when you want to celebrate big wins with your team. 


How to use the lottery tool

Step 1: Open the Groundswell lottery tool

Find the lottery tool here. Input the dollar amount for your surprise gift. 



Step 2: Upload a single column CSV of your employees


Please note: your CSV needs to be titled "Names" and the header needs to be "Name" in order for the CSV works 

Step 3: Run the lottery. Select "I'm Feeling Generous" 

The screen will cycle through your employee list, and eventually land on a winner. A congratulatory pop-up will appear with the chosen employee's name and the amount of the winnings.


Step 4: Create the gift in the admin portal 

The lottery will not trigger any event in the admin portal, so you'll need to go into the admin portal and create the gift yourself after using the lottery. 


Ways to use the lottery tool to generate buzz

We've seen tons of enthusiasm from employees when this tool is used live in meetings. People are simply excited win and excited to give. We encourage admins to get creative when using this lottery, and if you have any additional ideas for this list, feel free to let us know!

  1. At the end of every all-hands meeting.
  2. Kick off a new quarter.
  3. For larger companies, a birthday month lottery gift.
  4. During roll out, encourage higher employee enrollment by announcing a lottery gift on X date, but only for employees who have signed up for Groundswell.
  5. Upload a list of employee-selected charities, instead of employee names. Use the lottery to pick a charity that will "win" a corporate grant from your company.







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