How To: Set up and Manage HRIS

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Easily keep your employee data up to date by syncing Groundswell and your HRIS. To complete the setup, follow the steps below. We recommend looping in a member from your IT team. From there, it’s easy to continue managing the HRIS SFTP feed integration and keep your employee data current. 

Once you’ve completed the steps below to set up the HRIS feed, let us know and we’ll activate the feed on our end. You can email support at: 

Set up HRIS

Step 1: From the employees page, begin HRIS SFTP set up

First, select Configure feed under the HRIS SFTP feed option. 

Before moving on, we recommend opening your HRIS in a different window. This will make it easy to move between your HRIS and Groundswell throughout the process. At this step, we include a CSV template so you can see how to format your data to successfully integrate your HRIS with Groundswell.

Step 2: Generate HRIS report

This step outlines all details needed to generate your HRIS report. Include all required values, review how to name your file, which file type should be used, and how far back to go with your data.

If you’d like to test your file to make sure it’s formatted correctly, click CSV employee list upload. If the file is correctly formatted, return to the HRIS set up and move onto the Map statuses step.

Step 3: Map employee statuses

First, list out employee statuses that exist in your HRIS. You’ll get to configure which employee statuses are eligible or ineligible to enroll in Groundswell. An "Eligible" status means those employees are eligible to enroll, while "Ineligible" and "Terminated" status means those employees are ineligible for Groundswell programs. These statuses can be updated in the future if an employee's eligibility changes.                     


Step 4: Set up SFTP connection

This step requires you to generate an openSSH RSA key pair, your IT administrator should be able to help here. Once the key pair is generated, you’ll provide the public key as part of this step.

Keep the private key in a safe place, you’ll need to add it to your HRIS if your HRIS has the capability to send scheduled reports directly to an SFTP. Otherwise, it will be used in your SFTP client that handles the connection to the secure folder.

Step 5: Finalize setup

This step provides the information you need regarding where the HRIS files should be dropped, what happens if there’s an error with an import, and when your files need to be made available on the SFTP folder.

Once you've completed the setup of the HRIS feed, let us ( know and we'll activate the feed on our end.

Step 6: Review data and invite employees to Groundswell

Once the HRIS feed runs, employee data is added to the “All” and “Not invited” tabs on the Employees page. From here, you can invite these employees to join Groundswell. Please note, every time the feed runs and new employees are added to Groundswell, you will need to invite these new employees before they can join your giving program.


Manage HRIS

You can manage your HRIS feed on the Settings page. This is where you can update or add employee statuses so they sync with your HRIS. If your IT admin needs to update the public key, that can also be done on this page (e.g. if you’re implementing a new HRIS).


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