How To: Create Volunteer Events (Employee)

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Step 1: Click Volunteer at the top of your Groundswell homepage 

Step 2: Select “Create Event” in the “Manage Volunteering” dropdown 

Step 3: Add your proposed volunteer event details 

Groundswell recommendation: all employee sponsored volunteer events must be approved by your Groundswell admin, so we recommend you create events for a future date to allow time for approval 

Step 4: Once you’ve added all your event details click “Save & Continue.”

Step 5: Click “Continue editing” on the “Congrats page” 

Step 6: Upload and image (optional) and description of your event 

Step 7: Add a charity you wish to highlight for this event 

Step 8: Click “Preview & Finish” 

Step 9: Select “Send for approval” located in the top notification banner 

Step 10: Your proposed event has now been sent to your Groundswell Admin to review and/or approve 

Note: If you change your mind and don’t want to send a proposed event to your admin, you can instead select “Delete” and it won’t send the event to your admin and will remove it from your “My Events” page. 


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