FAQs for Groundswell's Web App (Beta)

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Where can I access the Web App? 

You can find the web app here: https://app.groundswell.io/login 

What is the difference between the Groundswell Mobile App and Groundswell’s Web App? 

As we continue to develop our web app not all of the mobile app features will be available during the beta period. 

How can I contribute funds to my account on the Web App? 

Currently, you can contribute funds via a bank account (ACH)

What funding sources can I connect on the Web App? 

Currently, you can donate using a Credit/Debit card through Stripe and you can contribute to your account using a connected bank account (ACH). 

Can I enroll in Groundswell on the Web App? 

Yes! You enroll by clicking the link in your invitation email. After enrolling, you will need to verify your email before logging into the web app.

How do company matches work on the Web App?  

At this time, all company matches will automatically be sent to the charity when you make a donation using the web app.

Can I access Volunteering on the Web app? 

If your organization is leveraging Groundswell’s volunteer features you can access the same features you have on the Mobile app on the Web app

If I create my account using the web app, can I still use the mobile app? 

Yes! All you’ll need to do is make sure you’ve downloaded the mobile app and login! The username and password will be the same for both the mobile app and web app.

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