How To: Create a Spotlight & Set Up Corporate Campaigns

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This is a brief guide to help you create a spotlight and set up corporate campaigns.

Campaigns are designed to engage employees around a specific cause area or group of charities, and create a sense of urgency to donate by incorporating a company match, as well as a campaign goal and end date.

Note: For campaigns, corporate matching happens at the moment an employee makes a donation, and be sure to check your budget when creating a donation campaign. These match funds will be separate from what is allocated for your other matching or gift programs.

To create a new spotlight: 

Step 1: Select “Spotlight” from the left hand menu of your admin dashboard and select "Add spotlight"

Step 2: Name the Spotlight. This name will be shown to your employees on the app, so choose a name that is descriptive and identifiable. 

Step 3: Select an image from our library that best represents your spotlight. This image will appear with the spotlight in the app. 

Step 4: Write a short description letting your employees know the purpose of the spotlight and campaign, if applicable. 

Step 5: Select charities to include in the spotlight. 

Step 6: Publish the Spotlight or save as a draft. Once you publish a spotlight, it will be viewable by your employees in the Groundswell app.  

Step 7: After you’ve published or saved your spotlight as a draft, you can select the plus sign (+) next to the “Add a Campaign” button to add a campaign (see steps below).

To add a campaign to a current spotlight:

Step 1: Select “Spotlight” from the left hand menu of your admin dashboard  

Step 2: Select the spotlight you want to add a campaign to

Step 3: Select “Campaign” on the top menu bar of your specific campaign 

Step 4: Select the green “Create a campaign” button on the campaign screen 

Step 5: Complete steps 1 through 3 of the campaign set up 

Step 6: Add a start date for your campaign. End dates are optional, but are a good way to create a sense of urgency and motivate employees to give.

Step 7: Add a goal for your campaign to help measure your company’s impact. (see below for definition of a goal) 

Step 8: Elevate your campaign by adding a match ratio. This is an optional step but another great way to maximize your company and employee’s impact. 

Step 9: Select the green “Create campaign” button on the bottom right to launch your campaign.

Some helpful tips to keep in mind when using campaigns:

  • In campaigns a goal is defined as the total dollar amount hoping to be raised from employee donations and the company match (if applicable)  
  • In campaigns a limit is defined as the maximum amount of company match allocated to the specific campaigns. As a reminder, these match funds will be separate from what is allocated for your other matching or gift programs.
  • Matches are done on donation and not on contribution in campaigns 
  • If you are creating a new spotlight you can select “save as a draft” ahead of your campaign launch to allow for prep time, and come back to publish it when it’s time for your campaign to start 

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