How To: Donate to Different Fundraisers, Events or Memorials Utilizing Groundswell

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Below is a step by step guide on how you can donate to different fundraisers, events or memorials utilizing Groundswell and donation notes. 

How to Use Donation Notes: 

Step 1: Select “Donate” on the home screen of the app. 

Step 2: Search for the non-profit you wish to donate to

Step 3: Select “One-time donation” on the bottom left of the non-profit’s profile

Step 4: Select the amount you wish to donate

Step 5: On the “Confirm donation” page you will want to toggle the “include a note” button on

Step 6a: Add your Note

Step 6b: If you are donating to a race fundraiser (i.e. marathon, cycling, or walking fundraiser) you will need to provide the following in your note…

  • Race Name 
  • Team Name (if applicable) and/or
  • Fundraiser’s Name (who you are donating to, if it is your own fundraiser, note that as well)  

Step 6c: If you are donating to a sponsor of a child fundraiser you will need to provide the following in your note… 

  • Name of child you are sponsoring  
  • Any additional information the non-profit requires - e.g. Sponsor Account number

Step 7: Select “Donate”  

Other Examples of when to use Donation Notes:

  • Appreciation (“thanks for all you do,” “keep up the great work,” “y’all do amazing work!”) 
  • On behalf of someone (In honor of… In memory of…) 

How to view your previous donation note(s): 

Step 1: Select “Profile” on the bottom right side of the app  

Step 2: Select “Giving History” in the menu options 

Step 3: Toggle to “Donations” on the top toggle bar 

Step 4: Find your donation that includes a note 

Step 5: Select “View Note” on the donation with the note 

Step 6: Review the note on the pop up screen 

Step 7: Select “Close” to return to Donation Screen 

Video Instructions: 


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