How To: Create Corporate Spotlights

If your company has a specific cause or group of NPOs they'd like to promote, you can create a corporate spotlight. A corporate spotlight is a admin-created page of featured nonprofits that will be visible in the app to your employees only. 

This is a great way to highlight your corporate values, engage with a specific ERG within your company, or promote action in light of time-specific events (such as a natural disaster).


How to create a corporate spotlight

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Step 1 - Navigate to "Spotlights" and select "Add spotlight"

Step 2 - Name the Spotlight

This name will shown to your employees on the app, so choose a name that is descriptive and identifiable. 

Step 3 - Select a hero image

Select an image from our library that best represents your spotlight. This image will appear on the spotlight card in the app. Uploading a custom image is not permitted at the time.

Step 4 - Write a description

Write a short description letting your employees know the purpose of the spotlight.

Step 5 - Select charities

Select charities from the Groundswell database to include in the spotlight. 

Our database includes 1.5 million+ charities. These are all certified 501(c)3 organizations in good standing with the IRS that are eligible to receive tax-deductible donations. 

If you can't find the charity you're looking for, send us a support request. 

Step 6 - Publish the Spotlight or save as a draft

Once you publish a spotlight, it will be viewable by your employees in the Groundswell app. 


How to manage spotlights

You can edit details or unpublish a spotlight by clicking into the individual spotlight from the overview page. Unpublishing a spotlight will return your spotlight to draft made, and hide it from the employee app view. 


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