July 2023 Updates

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Introducing Corporate Spotlights 

Now you can highlight and promote causes your company cares about.

Curate charities that align to your company’s values or use this feature to highlight the efforts of your Employee Resource Groups and the charities that advance their cause.


Match donations outside of Groundswell

Now you can account for donations made by employees outside of the Groundswell app. Learn more.

Better employee eligibility management

Need to make an employee's status ineligible without removing them from the company program? We got you. You have the option to use this status to run customized programs more easily.

International employee support

International employees will now have the ability to preview contributions and see their account balance in their local currency. Learn more.

Join our slack community 

Last month Groundswell launched a community for our customers on Slack. Request access from Cole and head over there to discuss these awesome new features. Join now.

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