How To: Request a donation match for offline donations

If you made a charitable donation outside (offline) of the app, but you still want to receive funds from your employer's matching program, you can do so with a match request. For example, an offline match request would be useful if you were at a fundraising event and decide to write a paper check donation on the spot, rather than donate through the Groundswell app.

Please note, this function differs from how matches typically trigger on Groundswell. The standard match is activated when you contribute funds to your giving account, not when you donate funds. 


How to request a donation match

Have your donation receipt ready. In the app, navigate to...

Step 1. Select "Profile" on the bottom right hand corner of your app 

Step 2. Scroll to "Request donation match"

Step 3. Submit the photo of your receipt (note: to maintain privacy someone at Groundswell will review your receipt not someone at your organization) 

Step 4. Once you've taken a picture/selected your image you will click "Use photo" which will submit your receipt to the review process 

Match request approvals can take up to 3 business days.


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