How To: Manage Match Adjustments

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Match adjustments enable you to change the match program allowance for individual employees, and send matches for donations that employees may have made outside of the app. This tool can be useful if your company is migrating mid-year from one match program to Groundswell, or if you want to send funds to reward employees for logging volunteer hours.


Creating a match adjustment

Step 1: On an individual employee profile, navigate to the "Matches" tab. Select the "Adjust match" button



Step 2: Select which match program you want to adjust (if applicable)


In cases where your company has multiple active match programs, you'll need to select which match program you want the adjustment to affect. Otherwise, it will default to your single active match program.


Step 3: Select an adjustment reason

AdjustmentThere are 5 pre-defined reasons for match adjustments:

  1. Outside donation - If employee has made a donation outside of the app, but would still like to receive a match.
    1. To maintain employee privacy, when employees request an offline match request, their request and donation receipt will be sent to the Groundswell Impact team for approval. 
  2. Volunteering - If your company offers a "dollars for doers" program where employees can be rewarded for their volunteer hours
  3. Grant made on behalf of employee - If a corporate donation has been made using the "Grants" function on behalf of an employee, and those funds need to be deducted from that employee's match allowance
  4. Program migration - If you're part-way through your corporate matching program when moving to the Groundswell platform, you can adjust the allowance for individual employees who have participated in the legacy program
  5. Other - If a match adjustment is need for a reason not defined above

Selecting an adjustment reason is for your administrative records, so that you  can keep track of why an adjustment was made. The adjustment reason will not affect how the match adjustment behaves.


Step 4: Select the action (if applicable)

Both actions will reduce the available match for that employee, but only "Send match" will send funds to their account from the corporate DAF.

Note, you can only send a match if the employee has completed enrollment.



Step 5: Set the adjustment amount



Step 6: Review and confirm the match adjustment


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