Groundswell Implementation Guide

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Step 1: Set Program Budget

First, decide on your budget. You can use the budget calculator to play around with different options.

And remember - you don't have to fund the account all at once; you could estimate an initial budget and then based on how employees have utilized Groundswell, determine additional program funding.

Step 2: Fund Corporate Account 

The corporate giving account, or corporate donor advised fund (DAF), is the account that will fund all of your company's giving programs. Every gift, match, or grant will use money from this account.

There are 2 ways to add funds to your corporate account. Here is a guide that shares the different options for doing this.

*Please note: Transfers to corporate Groundswell Charitable Foundation (GCF) accounts are irrevocable charitable contributions, and thus no longer assets of the company that administers the Groundswell giving program. The funds become assets of the Groundswell Charitable Foundation while the customer (your company) retains advisory rights to how the funds are utilized (hence, Donor Advised Fund). While these funds become assets of GCF, your company still controls the funds and how they are distributed via gifting and matching programs to the employees.

*Groundswell is not able to invoice you for your transferring of Charitable Funds.

*The Groundswell Charitable Foundation W-9 is attached below.

Step 3: Upload Logo

Your company logo which will show up on the company Admin portal as well as on the Groundswell app for all employees.

Here is a guide to help you upload the logo to the portal.

Step 4: Upload Employees 

Here is a guide that walks you through how to format the csv file and upload your employees to your Groundswell portal.

Tip: make sure you update your employee list periodically to reflect new employees or those who have left your company.

Step 5: Configure Giving Program 

Check out some different program features here (hyperlink to another article). 

Gifts: See a guide here to set up your gift program in the portal with options for start date, expiration date, amount, eligibility, etc.

Matches: See a guide here to set up your match program in the portal with options for start date, amount, eligibility, etc.

Step 6: Develop Launch Communications 

Make a plan for rolling out Groundswell to your employees - via All Hands / Town Hall meeting, email, or as part of Open Enrollment presentations.

You can leverage these tools to create your launch plan - whether for a new giving program, or transitioning from an existing one.

Step 7: Invite Employees/Launch 

When it’s time to launch, go into the Employees section of the portal and click “invite” for all employees (or invite select employees if there is a phased roll-out).

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