How To: Create and Manage Match Programs

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Match program set up 

Step 1: Create and name the match program

From the Matches page, select "Create a match." Give the match program a descriptive name. 


Step 2: Schedule

Set your match program start and end dates. This allows you to proactively create and end match programs so you don't have to remember to manually end them at a future date. 

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Step 3: Add recipients

At this step, you configure which employees you'd like to receive the match. You can include all employees, including future ones, or choose only to include specific ones.


Step 4: Create Match Rules 

Select your match ratio, this ratio is the rate you will match your employee’s contributions (ratio options: .5x = $0.50 1x = $1 2x = $2 3x = $3). 

Enter the match limit for each employee.

Optionally, you can also set an overall program limit. The match program will be first-come-first-serve, and when the overall limit is reached, the program will end automatically.

Example of a higher match ratio: 

Step 5: Review

Review the match program details to ensure everything is correct. You can click back into the previous sections if any changes need to be made. Once you are content with the program details, you can select "Create match program." 

As you complete these steps, the "Program overview" section to the right will update accordingly.

Match program management

This match program will now appear under the All and Active tabs on the Match page. When you click on a match program, you’ll be taken to a match summary page where you can review details about the program. If necessary, this is also where you could edit the match program name, change the match limits, add employees, or end the program.

Ending a match program

Once a match program is ended, any unclaimed match funds will be reallocated to your corporate account and can be used for other programs.

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