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How does Groundswell work?

To give with Groundswell, you and your company first need to contribute funds to your account. You can contribute funds by connecting a bank account or by using Apple Pay. After contributing, you simply donate those funds to charities. The funds in your Groundswell account will remain there until you donate to your chosen charities.


Why use Groundswell rather than just give to charities directly?

Groundswell makes it easy to centralize your giving. Rather than tracking individual donation receipts throughout the year, Groundswell give you an impact report with a summary of your money contributed and donated out to charities. Hello, easier tax filing! Additionally, Groundswell can help you identify worthy charities that align with your interests.


Are there any fees for using Groundswell?

Groundswell charges a 1% distribution fee for all donations made through our platform. For example, if you recommend a distribution in the amount of $100, Groundswell will deduct $1.00 as the transaction fee and distribute funds in the amount of $99.00.


Is Groundswell a nonprofit organization?

No, Groundswell is a company that works alongside the Groundswell Charitable Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 public charity that serves as a custodial sponsor of all personal giving accounts (Donor Advised Funds) on the Groundswell platform.


Why should I set a giving goal?

Creating big change requires setting big goals. When you use Groundswell, you join a community committed to making the world a better place. Setting an annual giving goal is a great first step, whether you’re new to charitable giving or a practiced philanthropist. Wherever you may be on your giving journey, Groundswell is here to help along the way.


Will I receive a tax receipt from Groundswell?

Yes! However, only your own contributions are tax deductible. Using a gift from your company to donate will not count towards your tax deductions. You can contribute to your giving account as many times as you like throughout the year, and in January of the following year, you’ll receive a single tax receipt to make filing a little bit easier!


Can I use Groundswell without downloading the mobile app?

Yes! You can use Groundswell's Web app 

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