December 2022 Updates

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Directly support charities with grantmaking

Manage corporate giving all in one place: gift programs, match programs, and now corporate grantmaking. Grantmaking is a great way for your company to directly support nonprofits, providing critical funding so they can continue their important work. Using Groundswell, you can create a grant in just a few steps:

  • First, make sure the account balance covers the grant amount, or add funds
  • Select Grants from the side navigation
  • Complete steps to create the grant


Learn more about creating grants or log in to check it out.

Also, consider funding your 2023 corporate giving budget before year-end to make next year’s program a tax deduction for the current fiscal year. Review how to add funds by logging in and navigating to Settings and then the Add funds page. It’s a busy time of year, so the sooner the better!


Thanks for making an impact with Groundswell.

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