August 2022 Updates

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Your company brand is now highlighted throughout the Groundswell app experience

The Groundswell app is designed to make your employees feel like they’re a part of a team that cares about the world. Together, you and your employees are making a bigger impact.

When employees log in to the Groundswell app, they see they’re a part of your giving program. If your program includes matching, they’ll see these details as well. As employees review their giving history in their profile, they see all contributions from your company, both gifts and matches.


Celebrate and reward your employees during key moments that matter

Work anniversaries, promotions, the upcoming holiday season, and other key moments that matter are great opportunities to send employees gifts using Groundswell.

You can create a custom gift program in just a few steps:

  • Select “specific employees” (a single employee or a group)
  • Set the gift dollar amount
  • Selected employees will receive their gift the next time they log in to the Groundswell app

Try it out, and learn how to set up a custom gift program here.


Encourage employees to make an even bigger impact

Now your employees can set up recurring contributions to their Groundswell Accounts and recurring donations to the charities they care about most. These features make it easy for employees to make the most of workplace giving, and ultimately create an even bigger impact. To help you share these features with your team, we've included email and Slack/Microsoft Teams messaging templates here.


Thanks for making an impact with Groundswell.

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