How To: Create a Corporate Grant

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Scale your company’s social impact by making grants. Use Groundswell to donate grants from your Corporate DAF. 

Step 1: Navigate to  Grants > Create grant



Step 2: Enter the charity’s 9 digit EIN 

To search for the charity that will receive the grant, enter the charity’s EIN and click Find. If you need help finding the charity’s EIN, click on the link provided, or review the charity’s website which will often include the EIN.

Review the charity’s name and location. If this information looks accurate, click Next step.


Step 3: Add a charity contact, if known

You have the option to add a contact at the charity receiving the grant. This is helpful, but not required.  


Step 4: Enter the grant amount

Step 5: Add a memo (optional)

You have the option to include a memo, which can help with recordkeeping. If you input a memo, you also have the option for the selected charity to view the memo along with the grant. 


Step 6: Review and create grant

As a last step, review all details about the grant. If everything looks correct, select Create grant. Once you create the grant, it will take 3-5 days for funds to reach the chosen charity.

After creating the grant, you’ll reach the Grants page and see a success message. From this page, you can review all grants.


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