How To: Create and Manage Gift Programs

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Gifts are funds sent from your corporate giving account into your employees' individual giving accounts. They can be used to acknowledge the moments that matter to your employees. 

In addition to commonly used annual or welcome gifts, gifts programs can be used to celebrate special events like birthdays or work anniversaries, or you can design programs to reward employees in a new way. Now a bonus or promotion can include compensation and a Groundswell gift so that employees can keep on donating.


Gift program set up

Step 1: Create and name the gift program

From the Gifts page, select "Create a gift." Give the gift program a descriptive name. 



Step 2: Schedule

You can choose to send the gift immediately, or choose a date in the future. We recommend you add an expiration date to drive a sense of urgency for your employees to use their gift. 

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 12.46.48 PM.png

Step 3: Add recipients

At this step, you configure which employees you'd like to receive the gift. You can include all employees or specific ones. You can also choose how to treat any future employees added while the gift program is active. 



Step 4: Set gift amount

Enter the amount each employee will receive with this gift. Screenshot_2023-03-23_at_11.39.png


Step 5: Review

Review the gift program details to ensure everything is correct. You can click back into the previous sections if any changes need to be made. Once you are content with the program details, you can select "Create gift program." 

All employees who have already joined your giving program will receive these gifts immediately. Those who have not yet activated their Groundswell accounts will receive this gift as soon as they activate.


As you complete these steps, the "Program overview" section to the right will update accordingly.


Gift program management

This gift program will now appear under the All and Active tabs on the Gifts page. When you click on the gift program, you’ll be taken to a gift summary page where you can review details about the program. If necessary, this is also where you could edit the gift program name, add employees, or end the gift program.


Ending a gift program

Once a gift program is ended, employees who were included but have not yet activated their Groundswell accounts will not receive this gift. These unused gift funds can be reallocated to your corporate account and can be used for other programs.



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